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Right People, Right Time, Right Place

i-transact allows you to target 100% online or 100% home shopping savvy consumers. Cutting out loads of waste and delivering greater ROI!

i-transact advertising reaches consumers in the buying zone… when they have their credit card in their hand and they are ready to buy!

We reach people at home... this is the place where events are planned, products researched and purchases made.

Shopping Makes People Happy

Shopping releases endorphins, making consumers happy.

Endorphins also increase consumer engagement with your advertising and increases the recall of your ads (David A Sousa, How the Brain Works).

i-transact targets each 'happy' moment - from browsing an ecommerce site or catalogue, all the way through to making a purchase and receiving the home delivery.

Advertising Endorsed by Trusted Brands

Consumers trust the businesses they regularly buy from. By advertising alongside these businesses, on their websites, via email and in their catalogues and package inserts, consumers trust your ads too.

This perceived endorsement and trust leads to higher response rates and more sales!

Plus your advertising benefits the host brand...

Case Study: Ace Studio

  • Scottish Friendly first tested Express Gifts in 2013
  • Following a successful initial test they proceeded to increase their volume throughout 2014 and 2015
  • By the end of 2015 Scottish Friendly began running Express Gifts every quarter and have continued their activity in to the new year
  • They’re now running across both parcels and statements taking full runs, making Express Gifts a key player in their insert strategy