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A Dog's Blog

July 24, 2017
Author: Niloofar Torabi

Hi Im Buddy! No, not "Air Bud" Buddy, but Buddy the Cocker Spaniel! I like treats and long walks on the beach an...oh look squirrel! Anyways my owner, Rob, took me to work with him for the first time yesterday. When he opened the door, I was greeted by two beautiful human friends eager to play with me! One had blonde fur and the other had dark brown fur.  

But first, I had to explore everything! I was so anxious I couldnt contain myself! I ran around in circles, cuddling up on my comfy new bed (couch) and sniffed every corner of the new land. Before I knew it, more human friends arrived! Big ones and even little ones like me! From playing with my floppy ears, to rubbing my fluffy body, I was overwhelmed by the love!

Suddenly I hear someone say "food" and I jumped up! That means I get to eat delicious goodies. I immediately scurry on over to Rob and sit down patiently like a good boy, wagging my widdle tail. My mouth was watering! Rob picked off a piece of sausage and before he even brought his paw down, I quickly grabbed it with my munchers and finished it in 2 seconds! I was panting with my tongue out and ready for more.

Shortly after, my stomach began rumbling so I let it rip! I think my new friends were okay with it, they covered their nose with their paw and never looked happier. Sometimes I would go sit right next to their desk and give them a first hand smell of Buddy Cologne.

Every time Rob and my new human friends stepped outside, I wanted to go with them so bad! Unfortunately I was tied to a desk with my going outside rope which is weird because I was inside. I never know when Ill see him again. I stared at the door for what seemed like a million doggy years and the moment he was back, I leaped for joy!

My new friends went back to their desks staring and clicking their toys with the shiny screen and buttons and I layed down on my warm grey blanket by Rob. I always kept a lookout for outsiders. A few times, I spotted unknown humans walk by the window and I bolted towards them. They thought they were bigger than me but I am invincible! I am very protective of my i-transact family. They know how to treat their clients and their office pets.

After my mission was done, I crawled right back to my new home under Rob's desk and rested my eyes for a bit. Moments later, I heard someo
ne say "Bye" and I became nervous. Who was leaving me and why?! But then Rob grabbed my going outside rope and connected it to my UK collar and that's when I knew we were going on another adventure. We said our farewells and alas, until next time i-transact!

What a ruff day!