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Our Favorite Buzzwords

May 10, 2017
Author: Brittany Sepulvado

Working at an advertising agency, buzzwords (and buzzphrases) tend to develop over the normal course of interaction with so many creative communicators.

Here's a list of some of our favorites that we use more often than we'd like to admit:

Disruptive: This bitmoji thing is totally going to be disruptive. 

Bitmoji: I can't believe this bitmoji thing actually is totally disruptive.

Digital Literacy: Their denial of Cloud issues has users questioning their Digital Literacy. 

The Cloud: Never ever go searching in The Cloud. 

Fake News: The News. 

Paradigm Shift: This new version of the Cloud is a total Paradigm Shift. 

Gamification: I love the gamification of myself with this new bitmoji. 

Micro-Moments: My bitmoji had a micro-moment with that awkward coworker. 

Watch This Space: I'm in love with that awkward coworker. Watch this space. 

Holistic: Is a bitmoji a holistic view of one's self? 

Wheelhouse: My bitmoji acts in ways that are not in my personal wheelhouse. 

Crowdculture: Follow the crowdculture right up into The Cloud. 

Granular: I'm looking into The Cloud on a granular level and it's become my New Normal. 

New Normal: Something not normal that we need everyone to think is normal. 

Low-Hanging Fruit: There's a lot of pictures of low-hanging fruit in that cloud account. 

XYZ-centric: We're becoming more people-centric, eccentric, data-centric, whatever-centric. 

Pain Point: This holistic view of the cloud as a new normal is my only pain point these days.