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    The Future is Transactional

The e-Commerce Revolution

March 27, 2017
Author: Brittany Sepulvado

I had a mentor tell me one time that a wise man changes before he has to. As stalwart retail locations like Sears, Radio Shack and Macys start to shut their doors, one has to wonder where did the customers go?

Did they stop buying altogether? Is the economy as bad as some politicians say it is? Or did the marketplace simply change?

Perhaps these brick and mortar stores have simply gone the way of Kodak and outlived their usefulness. The online marketplace is real, folks. Ask yourself this question: out of your last 10 purchases, how many of them were made online?

If these retail outlets don't realize the rise of the machine and start to look towards transactional media as a way to reach their customers when they are already buying, then these stores won't be the last to close their doors. e-Commerce retailers have already figured this out and changed not just their retail strategy but their marketing strategy as well. 

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