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The Power of Integration

Imagine the power of being able to reach your absolutely perfect prospect, but having the opportunity to engage them across many touch points and different media formats.

Through i-transact you can reach shoppers throughout the purchase funnel from product research right through to billing!

Partnerships & Brand Solutions

It’s natural for brands to want to hang out together, to be seen together, and to engage with one another’s customers. These are environments where partnerships are formed and exceptional results realized.

i-transact can introduce you to plenty of scalable, integrated solutions with our brand partners. Tell us what you’re trying to achieve, and with whom, and we can help you bring your concept to life by drawing on the huge range of on and off line programs that are unique to the i-transact portfolio.

Performance & Direct Response

Direct Response and Performance advertisers have never had this much opportunity to achieve game-changing results than through i-transact integrated campaigns.

i-transact brings huge, targeted audiences to the party and then utilizes the strongest-performing elements from inserts, samples, digital display, checkout advertising, email and social to build campaigns that bring in massive numbers of new customers with exceptional value.

Case Study: MandM Direct

  • A well-known Gaming brand first tested MandM Direct PD’s back in 2010.
  • After a successful initial campaign they proceeded to roll out bookings into both the Catalogues & PD’s from 2012 onwards, running over 10m inserts since 2012.
  • MandM Direct has become a cornerstone channel for this advertiser and generates a huge number of the new customers this brand requires.
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