Heating Systems Brand

  • Fischer Future Heat first booked into the BT Phonebook in September 2012
  • Following a successful initial test they proceeded to increase their volume throughout 2013
  • They have consistently booked inserts into the BT Phonebook since 2013 making the Phonebook an important part of their insert strategy

Automotive Brand

  • Utilised run of site display opportunities in order to drive after sales
  • We were their most cost effective placement across the whole display program
  • We were also the best performing against their core KPI's
  • They went on to create a rolling campaign strategy due to the effectiveness of this channel

Bathing Solutions Brand

  • Bathing Solutions first ran an insert test in the BT phonebook in 2013.
  • After the success of the initial insert run for 2013 they went on to almost double their volume.
  • Bathing Solutions now consistently books into the BT Phonebook. Making this channel key to their new customer acquisition.
  • The BT Phonebook allows Bathing Solutions to strategically target parts of the country based on customer insights & our regional targeting.

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