Personalised Photo Product Brand

  • First tested checkout display with Toys'R'Us, Ocado and MandM Direct in 2012
  • Have consistently booked at least 3 months of activity with these partners every year there after
  • Have consistently seen these channels smash CPA targets and are constantly seeking new checkout opportunities
  • Have seen CTR's as high as 1.76% by using clever CTA's during peak gifting periods

Audiobook Retail Brand

  • Sent a dedicated solus email offering a free book to new subscribers
  • Over 57% of customers opened the email
  • An impressive 14% of customers that we sent the email to clicked through
  • Campaign also came in at under half the target CPA, proving to be one of their most successful acquisition channels
  • Brand went on to run several more email campaigns, as well as utilising checkout display

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