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Generate Extra Revenue & Enjoy Increased Sales

Yes it’s counter-intuitive… and yes it’s true!

In 1976 Dick Fosbury smashed the world record and won Olympic Gold in the high jump. He did this by jumping backwards over the bar. And in turn set the bar for all future high jumpers. His technique was counter-intuitive but undeniably worked.

Today e-commerce and multi-channel retailers are faced with a similar mind-boggling truth. That taking advertising on your website, in your catalogues and parcels, and via email will enhance your sales!

The Stats Don’t Lie… So Let Us Help You Test This

In every test we’ve seen, companies report either an increase in sales, or no significant change, when taking i-transact advertising.

Why? Because your customers love receiving money off their Ocado grocery shopping, or a free Graze box, or a free copy of The Economist. And they love you for helping them get these deals!

And when you consider the revenue you can make – it becomes undeniable that taking i-transact advertising increases your profit (as undeniable as the Fosbury Flop).

How Much Can You Make?

For some of our partners, the money we make them is added straight to the bottom line. While others quickly turn this revenue into new acquisition opportunities to grow their business.

A quick call is all it takes for us to forecast what you can make. Once we understand your numbers, we will come back to you with a range of options and a realistic revenue forecast.