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Benefit From the Best of Both

Attributing sales to digital display campaigns has always created challenges for advertisers, agencies and trading desks alike. Last click attribution has been consigned to history for the majority of advertisers. The science of attribution is becoming ever more complex by the day, with multi-devices, multi-touch points and multi-screens all playing their part.

Campaign goals, as well as the way media is bought, are now often separated into prospecting and harvesting with inventory valued with various complicated methodologies. The good news for you, and us, is that i-transact ecommerce inventory can offer you both and the effects are easily demonstrable.

Prospecting, Perfected

High impact ad units, massive scale, highly targeted audiences and the perfect time to reach them. i-transact opportunities check all the boxes any digital display campaign needs. This directly translates into unrivaled performance, response and ultimately ROI

Whether you are looking to target young fashionable females, upper class mothers, affluent men or active seniors, i-transact creates huge shopping audiences that generate massive levels of response, traffic and leads.

Driving huge volumes of your target shoppers to your site, who aren’t there to browse but there to buy, delivers game-changing results.

Shoppers Convert Better

Advertisers are always telling us that shopping audiences convert much better than the rest. Makes sense really doesn’t it? i-transact shoppers spend hundreds of millions of dollars across our portfolio every month.

Grab your share by advertising in the right place at the right time. Talk to them when they’re thinking about spending, on sites they’re engaged with, and chances are, our shoppers will become your customers too.

  • Ran their first campaign in AW15, in order to support on site sales
  • Drove over 2,000 clicks back to their brand shop and reached over 250,000 unique customers
  • Saw +838% uplift vs 2014 sales
  • Grew key product sales by over 2,000% in some instances by using creative optimisation, savvy targeting and clear landing page strategies