There are many lucrative revenue streams available, to online and multi-channel retailers, that i-transact can exploit to deliver accelerated business growth.

Our revenue calculator projects the value of the gold-mine you are sitting on. You just need to complete the boxes below and you will receive an email detailing your revenue potential.

One of our monetisaton specialists will be in touch to arrange a call, or meeting, to discuss how we help turn this potential into reality and transform your business.

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Annual Volume

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To give additional context to the significance of these opportunities, we can also project the top line sales your business would need to achieve to generate the equivalent net income. We also show how many new customers your business could generate, if the income i-transact generate for you is re-invested in customer recruitment.

Please complete the Gross Operating Margin and Target CPA boxes below, with more information on how to complete each box available by hovering over the question marks. Please also note that these boxes are not mandatory and you will still receive your revenue potential figures even if the below boxes are not completed.

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If you have any questions regarding the i-transact revenue calculator, or just can't wait to discuss these exciting opportunities with one of the team, please contact Malcolm or Ruth on 01761 234850 or in the UK. In the United States, please contact Rob at (888) 506-6055.

Please note that all information is confidential and i-transact will never release your confidential information to any 3rd party.