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A Dog's Blog


Hi Im Buddy! No, not "Air Bud" Buddy, but Buddy the Cocker Spaniel! I like treats and long walks on the beach an...oh look squirrel! Anyways my owner, Rob, took me to work with him for the first time yesterday. When he opened the door, I was greeted by two beautiful human friends eager to play with me! One had blonde fur and the other had dark brown fur.  

But first, I had to explore everything! I was so anxious I couldnt contain myself! I ran around in circles, cuddling up on my comfy new bed (couch) and sniffed every corner of the new land. Before I knew it, more human friends arrived! Big ones and even little ones like me! From playing with my floppy ears, to rubbing my fluffy body, I was overwhelmed by the love!

Suddenly I hear someone say "food" and I jumped up! That means I get to eat delicious goodies. I immediately scurry on over to Rob and sit down patiently like a good boy, wagging my widdle tail. My mouth was watering! Rob picked off a piece of sausage and before he even brought his paw down, I quickly grabbed it with my munchers and finished it in 2 seconds! I was panting with my tongue out and ready for more.

Shortly after, my stomach began rumbling so I let it rip! I think my new friends were okay with it, they covered their nose with their paw and never looked happier. Sometimes I would go sit right next to their desk and give them a first hand smell of Buddy Cologne.

Every time Rob and my new human friends stepped outside, I wanted to go with them so bad! Unfortunately I was tied to a desk with my going outside rope which is weird because I was inside. I never know when Ill see him again. I stared at the door for what seemed like a million doggy years and the moment he was back, I leaped for joy!

My new friends went back to their desks staring and clicking their toys with the shiny screen and buttons and I layed down on my warm grey blanket by Rob. I always kept a lookout for outsiders. A few times, I spotted unknown humans walk by the window and I bolted towards them. They thought they were bigger than me but I am invincible! I am very protective of my i-transact family. They know how to treat their clients and their office pets.

After my mission was done, I crawled right back to my new home under Rob's desk and rested my eyes for a bit. Moments later, I heard someo
ne say "Bye" and I became nervous. Who was leaving me and why?! But then Rob grabbed my going outside rope and connected it to my UK collar and that's when I knew we were going on another adventure. We said our farewells and alas, until next time i-transact!

What a ruff day!

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Our Favorite Buzzwords


Working at an advertising agency, buzzwords (and buzzphrases) tend to develop over the normal course of interaction with so many creative communicators.

Here's a list of some of our favorites that we use more often than we'd like to admit:

Disruptive: This bitmoji thing is totally going to be disruptive. 

Bitmoji: I can't believe this bitmoji thing actually is totally disruptive.

Digital Literacy: Their denial of Cloud issues has users questioning their Digital Literacy. 

The Cloud: Never ever go searching in The Cloud. 

Fake News: The News. 

Paradigm Shift: This new version of the Cloud is a total Paradigm Shift. 

Gamification: I love the gamification of myself with this new bitmoji. 

Micro-Moments: My bitmoji had a micro-moment with that awkward coworker. 

Watch This Space: I'm in love with that awkward coworker. Watch this space. 

Holistic: Is a bitmoji a holistic view of one's self? 

Wheelhouse: My bitmoji acts in ways that are not in my personal wheelhouse. 

Crowdculture: Follow the crowdculture right up into The Cloud. 

Granular: I'm looking into The Cloud on a granular level and it's become my New Normal. 

New Normal: Something not normal that we need everyone to think is normal. 

Low-Hanging Fruit: There's a lot of pictures of low-hanging fruit in that cloud account. 

XYZ-centric: We're becoming more people-centric, eccentric, data-centric, whatever-centric. 

Pain Point: This holistic view of the cloud as a new normal is my only pain point these days. 

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Getting on the Bus


Here at i-transact, we speak metaphorically about getting on the bus a lot. The bus could be the company, your current role or a new one. It could even represent taking ownership of a project or client needs. We love the idea of stepping up and into a bus that can take you anywhere.
You get it, right? 
But not all jobs or companies foster an environment like this for employees. Not all employees desire this type of environment. Being "on the bus" in a sales role also might look very different from being "on the bus" as an accountant. We understand this. Everyone is allowed to choose how being "on the bus" might look for them.
We also know that no one can be forced on or off the bus and that's ok too. If you've ever been to one of our company events, it's obvious those of us "on the bus" are having one hell of a time!
So join us or don't. But should you decide to get on the proverbial bus, it may just turn out to be a rocket ship (we're from Houston and we own it. So what?). You'll also end up having a ton of fun along the way.

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Ah, the Decision Maker


So who exactly is this decision maker?

I recently got a call from someone immediately asking me if they could talk to "The Decision Maker." The first irritation was the assumption that I wasn't the Decision Maker. Often people assume that the first person they speak with is the gate-keeper which isn't always the case.

Many times, I've found the gate-keeper IS the Decision Maker masquerading as the gate-keeper to avoid further conversation. Also the first person that answers the phone should be the Decision Maker if you've done research and found a good number. Depending on the business model, you will find that gate-keepers aren't usually the receptionist these days. There's IVR for that. Assume the person you're talking to is the president of the company. Treat them as such and amazing things can open up for you.

The second irritation was that this person did not bother to introduce themselves or even explain why they were calling.I don't take the attitude of "you owe me an explanation" but I'd like to find out if you're calling from the Oval Office or if, perhaps I've won a million dollars.Decision Maker immediately implies that you must be calling to sell me something and I'm instantly going into screening mode. Simply put, I've never heard the IRS ask for the Decision Maker. They've got your name.You should have a name too. I've never seen this not work. It doesn't always mean you'll get the sale but you'll get a listening ear.

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The e-Commerce Revolution


I had a mentor tell me one time that a wise man changes before he has to. As stalwart retail locations like Sears, Radio Shack and Macys start to shut their doors, one has to wonder where did the customers go?

Did they stop buying altogether? Is the economy as bad as some politicians say it is? Or did the marketplace simply change?

Perhaps these brick and mortar stores have simply gone the way of Kodak and outlived their usefulness. The online marketplace is real, folks. Ask yourself this question: out of your last 10 purchases, how many of them were made online?

If these retail outlets don't realize the rise of the machine and start to look towards transactional media as a way to reach their customers when they are already buying, then these stores won't be the last to close their doors. e-Commerce retailers have already figured this out and changed not just their retail strategy but their marketing strategy as well. 

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Instagram For Brands


Theres a noticeable trend in advertising from Twitter to Instagram for brands? We at i-transact recognize this because, ya know, were cool like that. Maybe its a USA thing. Maybe its the organic, human-made feel that Instagram content seems to have compared to the more complex, curt, robotic nature of Twitter. Its really incredible to see just how many brands are coming alive to the Instagram stage! Even more traditional brands have taken to the simplistic approach that IG facilitates. Twitter is still the original brand/content pusher but we at i-transact would like to recognize IG for its commitment to mere photography and text. Thats it! Maybe words and images are enough to produce a good, branded message. Other Instagram Apps like Boomerang (playing a moment over and over and over again) also retain the same simplicity that IG is known for. Its fascinating that brands are finding so much integrated yet authentic advertising space on Instagram with palatable images readers can relate to. Its almost as if other humans actually control these pages. Great job, Insta!

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The Story of Team Texas


It all started with a plan: simple, easy to accomplish goals.

Step 1. Introduce Transactional Media to the US Market (and make it SEXY).

Step 2. Win big new contracts

Step 3. World Domination!

So we began building Team Texas. Yeehaw!

With just 3 people, i-Transact Media may be small now but we're not alone in the US.

We've got a fantastic team in Atlanta and across the globe supporting us in our goals.

After meeting up with our Atlanta friends, it was time to start the adventure!

We were off to introduce ourselves to our partners across the pond, i-transact UK.

It was like the movie, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles." We had some minor transportation snafus.

This didn't bother or irritate us at all after 30 solid hours of traveling. : - )

But the UK folks were extremely welcoming immediately throwing us a party at noon their time!

There was even food and alcoholic beverages like some sort of buzzing paradise. Or maybe it was just the sleep deprivation.

Exhausted and jetlagged, we had the time of our lives meeting so many amazing advertising professionals.

We had a blast! We even tried to smuggle a few of our British buddies back to the US with us.

Alas, it was time to go home...

Then we quickly realized we didn't yet have a work home! We scrambled to sign a lease, get an office and get started!

We literally started logging on daily with our laptops in Rob (President of i-transact, US)'s garage.

After what felt like an eternity (about a week), we got the keys to our renovated warehouse/loft studio office in downtown Houston!

Then it was moving day and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears things finally started coming together.

They say everything's bigger in Texas... hopefully it's big enough for us!

"Houston, we are go for launch!"

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