• bespoke solution

100% Control And a Solution Bespoke to Your Business Needs

You have 100% control over the brands that can advertise with you. This means you can exclude competitors, anything offensive and anything that doesn’t suit your customers.

Plus we will create a sales platform bespoke to you. Every i-transact advertising partner has a unique set of advertising opportunities – designed to fit their business. Designed to enhance their business.

What Do You Want to Sell? How Much Do You Want to Make?

There are 3 core areas that we can help you monetise: empty space on your website, inserts (into your catalogues, statement mailings and parcel dispatch) and emails to your customers.

What you decide to sell is up to you. But we will help you by forecasting the money you can make in each area. And by walking you through how it can work for your business.

We Do the Work, You Send Us the Invoice

Aside from approving the businesses that can advertise with you, the only other job is to send us an invoice each month.

We make everything easy for you. Our team make the set up process quick and painless. We do the promotion and selling. We chase copy, make sure the ads are running on time and send you regular reports... so you can see what you’re making!